A common misconception that many preppers have is how much a major SHTF situation is actually going to take us back. Most people consider a couple hundred years, almost as if it’s not such a big deal. In fact, it would mean going back thousands of years.

It’s not just that technology will be obsolete, along with money. Commerce will also be set back to bartering. There will be no more mass production and distribution of anything. Here’s a list of some things you might want to reconsider, just to make sure you’re on the right track:

#1 Communication

Are you confident about investing in that HAM or CB radio? Even if you are thinking about short distance communications, it will be very easy for anybody who is close enough to intercept them. Once they’ve intercepted your transmission, it will be very easy to triangulate your position and blow your cover. Using a radio could bring comfort and might help coordinate with other survivalist or family members, but it could also mean putting yourself and your family at risk.

#2 Salt

While salt is a widely known ingredient that everybody stores, people tend to underestimate their consumption. In an off grid or SHTF situation, you’ll be using salt for a lot more than cooking. You’ll need it to prep your meat and animal hides, season and prepare your foods. Salt is also great for a lot of homemade remedies for diseases and other household uses. When estimating quantities, consider how difficult it would be to restock your supply of salt.

#3 Lids

Jar lids are often overlooked as an important survival necessity. Canning foods will definitely become a must once commerce has halted. It’s no use growing a large garden if you can’t store the foods. They will just go bad and it will be more difficult for you to find sustenance, especially during those long winter months.

#4 Antiseptics

Alcohol and other germ-killing solutions will quickly become a scarce commodity. You should really consider on stocking up since you’ll need it for wounds or cuts. Don’t waste it on homemade cleaning products.

#5 Borax, Baking soda, and soap

These three products are widely used in a wider variety of products. They are key ingredients for cleaning and other purposes. Similar to alcohol, it will take a while until you’ll be able to find it anywhere. Since they are mostly commercial industrial products, it will probably take a while for professionals in small, homemade labs to start producing them. The least important of the three is probably soap, which you can also make at home.

#6 Solar power

Once the grid is down, there will be no lights at night. The sun will be the only source of light. At night, the houses equipped with solar power, or other sources of alternative power, will light up in the night like beacons. Since everything will be so dark, it will be much easier to spot any kind of light. Moreover, people might try to seize what comfort you’ve managed to set up for you and your family.

#7 Cell phone

I’ve seen many bug out plans that include cell phones. They’re widely used since you can store a lot of information on them should you ever need it. Holding cell phones or adding them to your storages, safe houses, and caches; could greatly endanger their location. Should anyone be able to trace its signal, your belongings or your safety will be compromised. Every phone has a GPS chip that can be used to track it. Information communication channels are the most watched and controlled environments. Nowadays, you see drones being able to lock down on your heartbeat or body temperature. You can be certain your phone is traceable and could put you at risk.

#8 Double check

It would be worth your while to have another look at your list. When reading each item on it, ask yourself how long it will be before you can replace it. There are a lot of things that we grow or make, but for other things, it will be a while before they’ll be available again. Society will always rebuild itself, but you need to make sure you’ll live to see the day.

Do you have any other valuable insights into prepping? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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