I don’t think that underground bunkers should be used in the name of preparing against a nuclear fall-out scenario.

I recently watched a cast member from “Doomsday Preppers”,  who spent at least six figures just to install an empty underground bunker, located an hour and a half away from his home—which also means that he had to pay for the land as well.

Then he purchased all of the tools, furnishings to fill it. There are a lot of things that are not ok. First of all, it’s way too much focus just to address one possible  scenario.

Secondly, it’s unrealistic to believe that IF such a scenario presented itself that it justified running to the hills to get to the underground bunker, especially when it’s an hour and a half away. Out of all of the realistic scenarios for which we’d need to prepare to endure, there are very few which would merit this kind of a shelter.

I am so pro for retrofitting areas in your home that can serve as a panic room, a place to discreetly store essential items for long-term, and/or a place that can provide a greater level of security in the event of a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake.

You can do it without using an entire year’s salary; and without letting the entire neighborhood or even the municipality in on the fact that you’re taking such measures.

Imagine —a non-claustrophobic space, with enough storage space for a year’s supply of real food and other essentials for a family of five, that is put in without the purview of your neighbors or local building inspector, and that runs less than $32,000, and you don’t need to put an addition on your home?  Instead, you put an addition underneath your garage!

Imagine that you have someone who’s just broke into the home. You have the kids trained to immediately respond to the first sign of danger to go out to the garage, jump down the hatch and securely lock the door, so they can’t be used as leverage   against you. This is just one of the many scenarios that could really happen.

This is a perfectly strong and safe and AFFORDABLE solution for your family. This solution is very well thought, including air flow, storage space, claustrophobia, water penetration, earthquake resistance, and your neighbors will not have a clue what you’re doing to your home.

The garage floor in your home should be a standard oil mat that covers the hatch door to the pod.  Even the air flow pipes coming out of the garage should look  like any normal pipes around your home.

This solution certainly does make your home safer as it provides you with an added level of security in the event that hard times bring about social unrest or Mother Nature throws a temper tantrum.

I also like that gaining access to it doesn’t require that you own some kind of hardened armor car that’s loaded up with 100 gallons of gasoline. It’s right where a person would need it, making it the perfect place of refuge from a bad guy or two or even a tornado.

For some of you, this is a realistic next step and for others it might be more realistic of a plan to save up for. What do you think of this?

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