Sometimes, the dangers we are the most exposed to are right before our eyes, in our homes. Nonetheless, we fail to protect ourselves because we underestimate the risks – after all, home is a peaceful and nurturing environment, right?

WRONG! Here are five things that can be found in your home and cause serious damage to your health:

1. Mold

Is one of the most under evaluated threats, and it usually appears in humid and moist places. It is formed by different types of fungi that, undetected, can lead to discomfort and allergies. For instance, if you started to express one of the following, check every corner of your house:

  • rashes;
  • itchy, red eyes;
  • a runny nose;
  • coughing;
  • headaches.

But allergic reactions are not the only triggers to react to – smelling a mold odor is the most powerful signal there is something wrong in your house. Even if you don’t see it, make a thorough check and track it down. Shortened attention span, memory loss, dizziness and a hard time to concentrate are signs that the mold is already poisoning you, so if you have put it off for a while, investigate, find and eliminate all the possible sources for mold.

2. Air freshener

As much as you may find them useful, the air fresheners are rather counterindicated by specialists. Studies have shown that the phthalates they contain lead to hormonal imbalance and affect especially the children and the unborn babies, due to their precarious immune system.

What very few people know is the way they work – the chemicals found in the freshener attack the receptors in the nose and alter the sense of smell, thus “the freshening.” Prolonged use will eventually lead to lung damage, and is linked to an increased rate of asthma.

Even if they seem to make certain tasks easier to complete, the long-term effects are definitely in our health’s disadvantage.

3. Mothballs

It goes the same as with air fresheners. They do help us get rid of one big unpleasant issue that affects our clothing, but at what cost? They turn from solid to toxic vapors of naphthalene that is poisonous once inhaled. The red blood cells in the bloodstream are affected so that they cannot carry oxygen any longer, which causes anemia and organ damage.

Another type of mothballs, which is considered to be less harmful, has 1,4-dichlorobenzene as the active ingredient. Even if there are no studies related to it, the active ingredient is deemed to be a carcinogen.

4. Lead-based products

One of the most common dangers we are unknowingly exposing ourselves to is lead. It can be hidden in different types of house paint and household items, jewelry and various kinds of eyeliners, storage batteries, paint supplies. It can also be found in pipes and faucets that are made of lead and can contaminate the water sources or in cures that belong to traditional medicine.

You can get poisoned by ingesting dust coming from any of those sources, or by being exposed to a lead source for a long time. If you experience abdominal pain and cramps, headaches, irritability, fatigue, numbness and/or tingling in your limbs, memory loss, anemia or kidney dysfunction, get your body’s lead levels tested.

Did you know about these threats around your house? What other hidden dangers have you found? Share your experience with us!

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