A survival kit is a must for someone who goes in the wild. It should contain first aid items, supplies of food and water, etc.

What about the real stories of survival? The most important thing to survival is one’s inner game of thought, what they think that determines them to survive or not.

Organize your mind and gather a survival kit.

The main important thing in your daily life is to have a constant desire to learn about survival before something happens. However, if you lost your way in the woods, maintain a positive mind. If you don’t know anything about survival, you can still learn if you are willing to. Keep trying new things and notice what’s working and what isn’t.

Another important item in your mental survival kit is the willingness to do what’s necessary. If some people can eat cockroaches to win some money, you can also do it to save your life. You must be willing to eat anything nature offers you to survive. Do whatever it takes to find the essential food for survival.

You should know that positive attitude is a key factor. In many real survival stories, those who expected and wanted to live, survived. Encourage your attitude and always tell yourself that you will make it, even if you’re not sure you can survive. Act as if you expect to.

Through inspirational thoughts, you will have that positive attitude. The easiest and enjoyable way to find this inspiration is reading about wilderness survival. Some of the situations are worse than you are ever likely to encounter. Remembering them when you’ll need it is an excellent way to help you survive. If you are in a group, share what you know with others.

Wilderness survival knowledge is one of the most vital information you can learn. You don’t have to follow specific training courses to find out how to live in the wilderness. You just have to read and remember the essential things to survive.

It is easy to keep in mind that flesh coming from any North American mammals is safe to eat.

If you are cold, and you want to create a winter coat, you can stuff your jacket with cattail fluff.

To be better informed you can read some edible plant guides for your next hike. Not any information helps. Inform yourself but be careful in picking the right sources. So, it is vital to learn new tricks whenever you have free time.

In the case of crisis and urgency, you must appeal to your reasons to live. You need to remember them when an emergency time comes. You have to attribute your survival to the constant thought of a loved one waiting for you. Also, even something you want in the future can keep you alive. Usually, in live or death situations your survival instinct activates and it will help you in making the right decisions.

The main idea here is always to know the useful information in case a disaster strike or a calamity occurs. Be ready in case anything happens. If you were trapped to live in the wilderness to survive, what would you do? It is 100 times better to be informed and prepared mentally to survive than feeling sorry for yourself that you will die.

Your life lies in your hands, attitude, your daily concerns and in what you have in your mind. Think positive in any situation and you will manage to escape safely.

Do you need to work on your mental survival kit? Are you emotionally prepared if you were forced to stay in the wilderness? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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