With everything that’s been going on lately in our beloved country, I see a resurfacing of an old conspiracy theory: FEMA mailbox dots. I had people reaching out to me regarding the dots on their mailboxes, wondering if the theory that has been floating around for several years has some merit or not.

Before we get to the core of the issue, I’ll do a recap of the theory. Several years ago people started noticing small dots on their mailboxes. They were the size of a penny and had different colors, the most common being: red, blue and yellow (some had orange, green, white and other colors). Right after this, many have started to wonder what they meant. This created the perfect environment for some individuals to take advantage of the situation and launch the FEMA labeling dots theory.

Red – you’re dead

The theory went like this: FEMA’s operatives had begun a nationwide labeling of households by placing color coded dots on the mailboxes. The meaning of the colors was as follows:

· Red dot: FEMA has determined you to be a veteran, a conservative, or a true patriot. This means when martial law takes over, you are going to be killed on the first night of the New World order.

· Blue dot: FEMA has determined that you believe many of the same things that people with the red stickers believe. However, you are a follower by nature, a sheep, and you will be herded off to one of the many FEMA camps that are being set up all over the United States.

· Yellow dot: The government knows you are a strong supporter of socialism, the New World order, the King, and President Obama. You will be allowed to remain in your home on house arrest.

So is there any truth behind this theory?

Well … no. And there are several reasons why.

For starters, those weren’t the only colors the dots came in. As I mentioned before, people from different parts of the country reported having orange or green or white dots on their mailboxes. So if FEMA was labeling houses by a 3 color code, what was the deal with the other colors? You might be prone to say (as I did the first time this hit the news): because there is such a variety of colored dots reported, FEMA is using this to cover the real meaning behind those particular 3 colors.

But this leads to the second issues with this theory: why use a labelling system in the first place? So that the forces of the New World Order know which door to knock down? Let’s face it folks, they already know, and they didn’t have to put dots on the mailboxes like some bookmark. We live in an all-digital world. Everything is connected to everything.

Let’s say for 1 min that the theory was correct, how do you think they came up with the lists for each category? By tracking your online activity, credit report, social activity, etc. So if they already have the means of tracking everything you do, why bother with a dot on a mailbox? Particularly since those dots can be taken down easily. Not to mention that they would give away the game if the dots had the purpose stated by the theory.

With the level of stealth surveillance that is at the government’s disposal, placing dots on mailboxes seems way to low-tech, time consuming and not very effective.

So what are those dots all about?

Well, truth be told, they are a way of labeling households using a color coded system … by newspaper delivery personal, door-to-door fundraisers or other service providers. The newspapers use this to speed up deliveries in the morning and also to remind the delivery personal the type of subscription that that particular home has: daily, weekly, Sunday paper only and so on and so forth.

In the case of fundraisers, they may use these dots (and they first ask for permission to place them on your mailbox) to know which houses they visited and if they agreed or not to take part in that particular fundraise.

This theory that FEMA placed dots on mailboxes in order to discern which people will die, which will be taken as slaves and which will bow down without a fight doesn’t really hold any water.

That being said, when martial law is imposed, those of us that won’t head for the hills or ban together to fight the tyrannical forces will find themselves in FEMA concentration camps.

What is your take on the mailbox dots? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I remember during the cold war with the USSR they kept us shaking in our boots about a thermonuclear exchange (bomb shelters). I think were being fed the same load of bull batter now( EMP) to keep us scared and easier to control and manipulate. Just think about all the propaganda on the internet these days. The only real threat is Islamic terrorists and its only a matter of time when we say enough and wipe them off the face of the earth.

  2. Check out the countenance of that eagle in the upper right corner. That’s us! A word to the wise is sufficient. We are not smiling.

  3. I guess our wannabe tyrants and dictators never heard about Mussolini. The big wheel that goes around comes around.

  4. I placed calls months ago and learned that two news papers in my area are using the dots for their carriers to know who gets the paper and which days.

  5. That all sounds well and good but what about those of us on the way out outskirts that only get the County paper mailed to us with no Subscription and never asked for, yet I still have red dots on my mailbox and the mail carrier dosen’t know anything about them.

    1. actually, yea, if i were you, i would move, i didn’t get my dot yet, luckly, but when i do, ill tell my parents about it. comtact me, i want to show you something very intresting. its about pink.

    2. we got marked blue at our old house, my son removed it, few weeks later our fence posts had two blue dots on it, so i removed them, several weeks later I noticed the tree that is by the fence post had been spray painted with two small blue dots, I scraped the bark off. keeping vigilant on this mess I checked all the normal places and watched, before long two blue dots wound up on the underside of our mailbox. At that point we moved. New owner has been finding red dots. As for our new location we are finding both red and yellow including on our car tire on the passenger side and they are new tires and were not there the day I bought them. We do not nor have we ever subscribed to newspapers.We are just a quiet older couple and don’t understand why these dots keep appearing.

  6. Why would HSEC put Veterans who have given and protected this country time and time again a RED Dot ? I will remove anything put on my mailbox immediately and maybe even the mailbox since all of my bills come via my cell phone !!!!! I do not accept junk mail !!!, may even remove mail box !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Then they will find another way to mark you. Removing the mailbox will not help. If they really are marking us for extinction.

  7. We are systematically being marked for disposal!! Who will best suit Obama’s plan for the One World Order and population control!!!!!

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