Technology is rapidly taking over the world. Because of it, we’ve become more estranged from one another.

We’ve embraced technology with open arms without pondering on its negative effects.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing overall. On the contrary, we can make good use of innovation without neglecting interhuman relationships.

Technology not only simplifies our lives, wins us more time or entertains us, it also offers additional layers of protection that were inaccessible until recently.

As preppers, we must reap the benefits of technology to increase our odds of survival.

And, of course, to be able to withstand the government’s new toys in case we’ll see a totalitarian regime come into play in the future.

With this said, our first aim for today’s letter is how to overcome fire using innovation.

There’s been a massive fire outbreak across California and various European states in 2018, and this phenomenon keeps increasing, becoming more frequent and intense as time advances.

And even without a widespread disaster, a house fire can put your health and life savings at risk.

To tackle this effectively and considerably boost your chances of coming out alive, I’ve highlighted two vital items each prepper should store in a bug-out bag or location.

And with the rapid technological expanse, they have become incredibly affordable for the utility they provide.

  1. Thermal Blankets

These super compact emergency shelters can save your life not only in a fire, but also during freezing weather conditions.

Designed and used by NASA employees for space exploration, these efficient insulating items are capable of reflecting back 90% of the heat, and can also retain up to 90% of your body heat if you’re using it for winter insulation.

The thermal blankets are made of mylar, a special polyester made in extremely thin sheets of great tensile strength.

The material is both water and windproof and is reusable.

They can aid you in the following cases:

  • To prevent and/or counter hypothermia by retaining body heat.
  • To cover a victim in order to reduce further shock caused by the elements.
  • To further insulate the inside of a sleeping bag.
  • To escape the scorching heat by creating a shelter barrier.
  • To prevent burns caused by an explosion’s heatwave. (although you must act quick in this case)
  • To avoid being seen by thermal sensors during a SHTF scenario.

Now, let’s highlight possible scenarios where you will require the thermal blanket to remain unharmed.

  • If disaster strikes at your workplace, school, or home, you will probably suffer injuries and will have to evacuate the building’s interior until it’s declared safe. While you remain outdoor, and with possible body injuries, the thermal blanket will shield you from the elements.
  • Following a disastrous outcome, you will have to reach safety. There are places where your vehicle can’t reach, reason why you’ll need these thermal blankets in case you’ll have to move on foot.

There are, of course, various other scenarios where these blankets will come in handy, such as: hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, snow storms, fire and terrorism acts.

So why not stack them up if they are so efficient and extremely affordable?

  1. Fire blankets

These are safety devices that can put out fires with ease. A fire blanket consists of a sheet made of fire-retardant material able to douse a fire as you place it over it.

Small pieces that are usually used inside the household are made of fiberglass or Kevlar, and are packed into a fast-release recipient to facilitate a quick response.

Larger pieces, usually designed for laboratory and industrial settings, are mostly made of wool combined with flame retardant fluid. They are folded inside quick-release containers for the latter mentioned reason.

Fire blankets are safety items, just like fire extinguishers, and can withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees. They extinguish fires by cutting the delivery of oxygen.

If something catches on fire, just wrap a fire blanket around it or place it over and the fire will cease.

These items come extremely handy and are easier to use than a fire extinguisher.

P.S.: They don’t work when you try to extinguish a fire involving oil or fat. They will temporarily cut the fire, but upon removal of the blanket, the flames will reignite.

With this being said, as a true prepper, it only comes naturally to acquire these safety items that can aid you during various disasters.

Remember that the thermal blanket will also provide great cover from thermal-scanning systems.

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