How much does safety matter to a prepper? In my case, I know that a whole lot more than a regular person.

Although safety is important to everybody, when you have a survivor’s mindset and a family to look after, there’s nothing else that would outscore safety.

The state of mind of being safe inside a secure environment has infinite value to me.

For this reason, I have had an emergency plan in place in case SHTF for a few years now.

It leads to my secure bug out spot, and my family members have learned the drill for when the inevitable unfolds.

They literally know the route, off the beaten path, that would take them to safety.

Since a disaster may happen at any moment, we always have a survival kit in one of our car’s trunk.

I find this vital because it exponentially increases your odds of survival. How? Well, since my bug-out bag is at the safety spot, the survival kit will replace most essential items, and may even complement my main bag.

Since it’s usually compact and no larger than a backpack, it fits great inside any car trunk, which means that I’ll have the kit near me mostly at all times.

Since we value safety over anything else, I did some digging on Amazon and came up with a list of top 5 survival kits. Here’s what I discovered:

  1. Emergency Case Premium Family 2/4 Person 4 Days Emergency Kit

This is the most complete, yet the priciest kit on the list. It contains all the necessary survival items that will keep your family safe for a period of four days.

Everything is contained inside a resilient, waterproof, securable and easy to handle crate.

The items within will shield you from the aftermath of any natural or man-made disaster.

It can easily be maneuvered, thus making it excellent in case you have to deal with last minute calls where you have to pack the essentials and leave. It will save you precious minutes!

This lush survival kit has 5 emergency modules:

  • Food and water supplies
  • Advanced medical kit
  • Sleep and shelter kit
  • Tools and safety
  • Health and hygiene kit

The company behind these kits prides with saving more lives than actually selling a lot of their products, which is an indicator of quality over quantity.

Although a bit costly, this survival kit might prove a lifesaver one day, especially if you are living in one of those areas where disaster is commonplace.

  1. GetReadyNow Pet Emergency Survival Kit

Second on the list is a special emergency kit for your favorite companion(s).

Venturing outdoors with your pet(s) is a challenge in itself due to the various emergencies that may occur.

For this reason, GETREADYNOW has prepared a compact emergency kit with everything you’ll need to take care of your beloved quadruped.

There is also a special kit for humans, but it’s currently out of stock.

I find this condensed survival kit very useful for a variety of reasons.

First of all, you can take it with you wherever you go. Due to its tight design, it will fit in many places inside your car, like below the front seat or inside door panels.

It’s almost ten times as inexpensive as the latter and offers a decent array of items that can make the difference between life and death for your four-legged companion if a disaster suddenly unfolds.

It contains the following items: critical gear often omitted in DIY kits including light, first aid, utility tools, warmth and cooling, sanitation, food and water supplies.

  1. Tianer Survival Gear 11 in 1 Kit

Weighing in the amount of survival items and their price tag, this kit comes as a steal for any casual prepper out there. Well, unless you’ve had time for a DIY kit.

It packs an impressive array of 11 items, among them a survival knife with multiple functionalities, lighting, military grade compass, tungsten steep pen, wire saw, signal mirror, whistle, scraper, and a condensed box that contains all these tools.

This tiny survival kit is ideal for small space storage. It fits well in your vehicle or on a shelf destined for emergency situations.

The recipient’s shell is waterproof, resilient, and weighs under one pound.

  1. Emergency Zone Family Prep Emergency Survival 72 Hour Kit

This survival kit comes in two-person and four-person version and has a decent price tag.

The difference in price between the two sizes is not exponential, so you could opt for a four-person kit only to have a bunch of extra essentials.

Items are packed inside a red backpack and have their own zip lock bags. The hygiene kit, basic medical supplies and flashlight are not missed. The bag also contains a 48-page emergency guide.

The kit has pretty much everything contained in a bug out bag and can serve as a great alternative to one.

If you’re a novice prepper and have no time building your own emergency bag, this kit will serve you well.

  1. Emergency Zone Stealth Tactical Bug Out Bag

Sometimes, letting people know that you have an emergency kit at hand during a major disaster can get you more in trouble than actually help you.

To avoid being in the spotlight, Emergency Zone has designed a covert bug out bag that won’t draw unwanted attention and will provide you with all the essentials for a 72-hour survival endeavor.

The kit packs SOS dehydrated food with 5-year shelf life, ultralight shelter for two, hydration bladder, flint striker to light up fires with ease, and a whistle to serve as a last resort, free energy emergency signal.

There are plenty of concealed pockets where you can hide your most valued resources. The whole design is spacious and has a volume load of 53L.

You also don’t have to worry about the weather, since the kit comes equipped with a built-in waterproof covering.

You can benefit from the entire potential of this stealth kit or you can extract those essentials that you deem fit for your bug out bag.

Customization should indeed be made based on each situation you encounter. With such a vast item array, only your imagination can limit you in achieving your goal.

Whatever the case, this kit will provide mostly everything you need during an emergency.

No matter the level of your preparedness, I’m positive that some of these kits will tend to your survival needs.

Even if you’re a “bug in” kind of guy, you’ll still find great potential in these emergency kits.

If you don’t have a bug out bag by now, it’s wise to assess the benefits of purchasing one right now.

After all, preparedness is key to survival. Don’t risk being caught off guard.

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