When society collapses and the world is thrown into chaos, having the means necessary to defend yourself and provide food for your family will determine your odds of surviving.

Traditionally used for hunting, rifles can also serve as a self-defense weapon when times are dark. That being said, you have to know what rifles will prove to be the most effective in that situation. For a SHTF event you’ll want to have a rifle that is both durable and easy to clean.

Below we’ll take a look at 5 of the best rifles you could have by your side in a end of the world scenario.

1.The AR-15 Survival Rifle

When most people hear the term “assault rifle”, an image of an AR-15 pops into their minds. Over the years these rifles have gain much popularity among hunters because of their benefits.

They are highly accurate at long ranges and although they don’t guarantee a one-hit kill for large game, they allow the hunter to get a second shot in very quick.

In terms of self-defense, AR-15s have a reasonable recoil and a pretty good fire rate. They are design for long-range combat and that’s where they shine, but you can use it in close-quarters combat as well.

If you value accuracy and versatility, then this is the rifle for you. It may seem expensive at first, but their ammo is affordable. When it comes to reliability, this is directly influenced by how often and well you clean the rifle.


This must be the most iconic rifle of all times. Released in the ‘40s the AK-47 is the weapon of choice for many military and paramilitary organizations.

When it comes to the AK-47 as a survival rifle, the opinions are somewhat split. One of the cons of this rifle is that it performs poorly in hunting situations, as it’s not very accurate at long distances.

These rifles are made to spread death other a wide area without the user moving a lot, so being able to shoot a target with pinpoint accuracy is very difficult. That being said, if the target is closer, the AK-47 will take it down easy.

Since the AK-47 thrives in close range, it’s the ideal rifle for self-defense and performs exceptional both in outdoor and indoor scenarios.

When it comes to durability, few rifles can say they are as durable as the AK-47. They function well in the most difficult environment and they end to clear themselves off dirt, mud, sand and other contaminants easily.

For long-term survival, I strongly believe this is the most reliable option. In terms of cost, both the rifle itself and the ammo are cheaper than the AR-15s.

3.Ruger 10/22 Rifle

This type of rifle holds a very special place in the hearts of many hunters, as it is often used to teach children this delicate art.

.22 rifles have a pretty good accuracy, with low recoil, these being the main reasons why it’s used to teach children. Their ammo lacks the stopping power that other rifles provide, but this doesn’t prove a problem for experienced hunters.

It isn’t very suited for self-defense purposes, but then again any firearm is better than no fire arm.

However, the biggest advantage of this rifle is price. The rimfire design of the ammo makes them easy to produce, so manufactures are fighting to keep the prices as low as possible.

That’s why you can stock up on as much .22 ammo as you like now, before the situation demands it.

4.Springfield Armory M6 Scout

While its design may be odd to look at, it was made for survival purposes. This rifle actually comes with two different barrels.

One of them is meant for hunting and can use .22 ammo, while the other is designed for self-defense in the form of a shotgun barrel for .410 ammunition.

While you might have to stock up on two different types of ammunition, the M6 Scout is a 2-in-1 rifle that could prove a viable option for long term survival.

Maintenance is quite simple, but always keep the removable hinge pin with the gun. IF you lose it, it will be impossible to find a replacement.

5.Ruger KM77 – GS Rifle

When hunting big game you want a rifle that can ensure the kill and unless you’re a veteran huntsman, a .22LR round may not do the trick. This is where this baby comes in.

Due to its .308 ammo, the KM77 is the perfect option for taking down big and small game even at 300 yards. And being a bolt action rifle, makes it more reliable that a semi-auto,

As for self-defense, it does its job well, although shooting .308 ammo indoors may be a little dangerous as it goes through walls quite easy.

Overall it is an excellent bolt action rifle that is more than suitable for long term survival.

Picking the right rifle now, will ensure that you survive later on. You won’t want to go hunting and not be able to take down a deer because all you have is a handgun.

What other rifles you know of that are suitable for long-term survival? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Useable, collectable antique rifles should also be considered They are proven ad generally cheaper than a new rifle. Ammunition is plentiful.

  2. My survival battery advice to those PRUDENT folks just entering the “prepping” community would be (in order): 1) Shotgun .12 or .20 gauge (to tolerance). 2) Ruger 10/22 or Marlin 60 in .22 Long Rifle. 3) Ruger or Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum (rural) or .45 Auto (urban). 4) Modern Sporting Rifle AR15/M4 or Ruger Mini-14. 5) High power bolt or lever action in .308 or 30-06 (Remington 700, Marlin 1895, Savage, etc).

  3. 1. AR-15 or AK-47, since they’re in the same class.. short range fighting rifles. One or the other will be fine, you don’t need both. 2. 22LR of your choosing. Ruger 10/2 is fine, so also is the S&W 15/22. 3. .308 battle rifle, like the FN-FAL. Fully capable of hunting, it also is semi-auto for fighting and has amazing reliability. 4. 12ga shotgun. Amazingly versatile (not a rile, but it is a long gun). That’s all you need in long guns.

  4. Considering the Springfield M6 Scout is no longer in production and very difficult to find, I think it would have been better to suggest one of the Savage over/under combination guns. In addition to the Model 42 (another .22 LR/.410 GA), there are also numerous other combinations in their Model 24 series: .22 LR/.20 GA, .223 REM/.12 GA, .357 MAG/.20 GA, 30-30 WIN/.12 GA and more. Although the Model 24s may not be still for sale as new, they are plentiful at gun shows and used gun vendors.

  5. I own a Savage 410/22 magnum rifle with a 3×9 scope on it. 410`s will also shoot 45cal. Colt, plus 22 magnums will also shoot 22 long rifle and the 22 shorts also. Plus I have two hand guns that shoot all of the above mentioned amo.

    1. NOT all .410 Gauge firearms are rated for .45 Long Colt! Although the size may be the same, there are pressure differences. Also, some .410 GA shotguns have chokes installed in the muzzle. This could be a dangerous obstacle as the .45 LC bullet exits the barrel. I believe federal law requires the authorized calibers be stamped on the barrel for safety measures. I’m sure Survival Life has many reloaders! They’ll know more about the pressure issue. PLEASE DO NOT fire a .45 LC round from any .410 GA without doing the proper research! I addressed this exact question on Discus “Can you fire .45 LC in an M6 Scout Shotgun” a while back. One comment attached a photo with a .410 barrel peeled back like an umbrella. This was from shooting a .45 LC bullet in a strictly .410 GA rated barrel.

  6. Lot of very good guns/ Rifles, and shotguns available to citizens of the USA

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