A true prepper will turn into an adamant survivalist once chaos sets in.

The reason for this is the know-how acquired during times of peace and the resources gathered during times of prosperity.

Of course, putting this knowledge to the test while the waters are still will also make a huge difference.

Sorting out each piece of information in a notebook and making it an essential item of your bug out bag is also essential.

You see, when you’ll face a large-scale disaster, things will become really messy.

And I’m not referring only to the exterior miscellaneous mess, but also to the future mess caused by surviving humans.

One of the most overlooked problems when SHTF, besides all the trash, is human waste.

Just imagine living in an environment where human dump is spread all around. During a societal collapse, with the power grid unavailable, you won’t even be able to flush your toilet.

With this in mind, you can imagine all the bad odor and bacteria that would surround you.

Of course, as someone who’s lived in civilized times, you won’t allow that to happen.

However, you may not have enough time and energy to dig a hole for this.

 So, today we’ll discover a great way to manage your waste when things become messy.

Let’s first outline two scenarios which require a bit of effort or strategic positioning.

1.If there’s no water available to flush your toilet during a shtf scenario, and you have a water source nearby, you can haul water buckets to your house and use them to flush the toilet.

However, this should only be viewed as a temporary measure, since the sewers will spill over in no time.

2.If you are living in a rural environment, you might already have an alternative backyard toilet.

If that’s not the case, then you’ll want to dig a hole and cover it. For this you’ll require tools like a shovel, nails, and planks. You’ll also need a good deal of energy and time to put this together.

Fortunately, there’s an ingenious way in which you can manage your waste in no time.

It’s been dubbed the “urban survival toilet” and it collects your mess in no time.

It’s also extremely easy to assemble, it’s portable, and it provides almost the same comfort as a regular toilet seat.

Here’s what you need in order to build it:

  • One 5-gallon bucket with a handle
  • Trash bag liners
  • Cat litter
  • 2×4 or swim noodle
  • Toilet paper

As you can see, most of the items might already be lying around your household.

The assembly process can also be done in as fast as 5 minutes.

The video below will show you just how simple it is to make.

The urban survival toilet will help you keep the environment clean and your hygiene at a maximum.

Its best use cases are inside urban environments where people have restricted access to nature and are living in tight spaces.

If there’s no need to piece this together at present, it would be wise to at least write this down in your survival notebook and make use of it when the time comes.

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