What you are about to see will challenge your view of the world’s ruling class, and will most likely consolidate your desire to prepare for what’s to come.

During the open ceremony of the longest, deepest tunnel in the world – the Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland, the elite have displayed their true intentions for humanity in the most eerie way possible.

(Side note: this is right near CERN HQ)

From zombie worker’s march, to dead lambs, goat heads, demonic screams, an upside down tree of life, and ultimately to the rebirth of Lucifer and a depraved rejoicing sequence, this ceremony has it all.

Some of you may say this is just an artist’s avantgardistic vision of, you know, tunnel opening ceremony.

But for me as a Christian, and I bet for many others, this grotesque spectacle really gave me the chills.

Why is this relevant from a survival perspective? Because in case you don’t have your bug-out location ready, it’s time to step on that gas.

So, instead of throwing more words, I would first like you to have a glimpse of what happened in Switzerland. (Interpretations towards the end of this e-mail.)

Oh, and before we commence, you need to know that powerful European leaders from Germany, France and Italy attended this ceremony, among many other ‘elites.’ They were quite thrilled, also.

The first half of the show took place within the tunnel. The initial scenes were supposed to pay homage to the nine workers who died during the drilling of this tunnel, which took considerable decades to complete.

Now, I don’t know why a shirtless woman with bird or angel wings had to come for them. Maybe it’s just for the show? Europeans have eccentric tastes.

Through the crowd of actors, we can also see a white lamb being carried in a very sacrificial manner. Or is my mind playing tricks on me?

Now, as we move outside, the scenes gain whole new proportions.

I don’t know what’s with all these shirtless actors, but the workers represent those who died during the tunnel construction.

The huge display behind them shows they died for a purpose. And that is to open a very big portal…or interdimensional gateway? I must be delusional again… (see video for this)

Nonetheless, from that portal, displayed so vividly on screen, emerged a goat-man figure resembling a guy we so well know.

Or it could be just the interpretation of an ibex – the symbol-goat of Switzerland.

I don’t know much about these animals, but they seem to enjoy taking their she-goats from behind.

Excuse me, but I didn’t put that on display for the whole world to watch. It’s just the way artists perform these days, I guess.

There’s just so much symbolism in this artistic act that I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun by offering spoilers.

My advice is, whenever you have one free hour, just sit back, relax, and watch this video with an open mind. Otherwise it will probably be too disturbing to watch.

Below you will find the original video, courtesy to RT (brave news outlet), and an explanatory video in case you don’t understand this visionary artsy concept.

And watch this if you’re in need of answers.

It’s time to draw the line now, and reach for some brief conclusions.

This may or may not be a simple artistic show. It’s happening right near CERN. You know, that humongous particle collider.

Whatever the purpose of the Western elites is, they are not ashamed nor afraid to display it publicly.

From humanity’s side of the fence, the outcome doesn’t look too good.

If they are trying to open up a portal that will doom our entire race, we can only speculate, for now.

But even without any clear explanation for this, my gut instinct is calling for action.

And the best think you can do is prepare for when the major plan unfolds.

To do this, I advise you to prepare a remote emergency location, learn as many useful skills as possible, stash food for a decade, and build an emergency plan for you and the rest of your loved ones.

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