Let’s imagine that your area is under a powerful storm warning. While people you know are rushing and fighting to clear the shelves in the store, you’re securing some outdoor furniture, filling the bathtubs with clean water, bringing inside some extra firewood, cooking up some stuff that would not be edible during a prolonged power outage, and getting the candles and flashlights ready. Perhaps you are explaining to your kids why you’re doing all these things and using it as a practical lesson. There is no chaos because you only have that sensation of peace when you don’t have to purchase those things that everyone else is trying to procure desperately.

During this storm, let’s say the power goes out for approximately two weeks, water is under a boil order, and trees are collapsed everywhere. You and your family remain in your house, not risking to get near the dangerously affected power lines and falling pieces from storm-destroyed trees. You are already familiar with many off-grid cooking methods, and you heat up some meals. You spend these two weeks chill by playing board games, reading books, and doing anything else. You have enough food, water, and light to survive without any concerns. To your kids, this is another adventure, NOT a panic moment and to you is just practice.

In these crisis moments, if you did lose your job, you have the security of a food supply to survive. You’ve growing your food for years, so you know how to supplement this supply. You also know various ways of DIYs and how to save your money. For someone like you, who has readied themselves for any circumstance, a loss of income could be a new opportunity to seek a new job (home schooling your kids, starting a new business, etc.). Other unprepared individuals will experience a sense of desperation, realizing that the mortgage payment is coming out soon, and they don’t have the needed money to pay it, the utilities are close to being cut off, and there is not enough edible food in the house.

In another perspective, on a regular barbecue at a friend’s house, you listen to other buddies complaining about the high prices of products at the grocery store. At that moment, you realize that you haven’t purchased a single vegetable since you have them in your garden. You had no idea that everyone else was paying triple than the real price for a bag of inexpensive vegetables.

Therefore, if you see someone you know who is falling on hard times, you can always lend a hand with a bag full of groceries from your pantry. That means you are prepared for the long run.

What regular people don’t understand is that we are seeking the peace of mind, self-sufficiency, and security of our families. We don’t delude ourselves with the obvious lies of the mass media. We like confronting reality to avoid having bad surprises. Preppers can still have fun that doesn’t compromise their goals, sabotage their progress, or distract them from their paths.

We avoid being trapped into a false sense of prosperity, hypnotized by our “smart” devices because we choose to be smart. We don’t want to feed our babies with substances that aren’t even food.

We just want to go out to our garden and thrive on real food, clean water, and avoid taking Big Pharma chemicals because we have learned how to treat ourselves without taking any drugs. Furthermore, when I look at my other neighbors, I am thankful every single day that I take the extra steps to keep my family nourished, toxin-free, and that I avoid being chemically dumbed down and poisoned, literally, for profit.

Shouldn’t everybody want that feeling of self-reliance and certainty that everything is going to be all right?

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